Taipei County Shuai Chiao Association

         The Taipei County Shuai Chiao Association was formed by David Chang to promote Shuai Chiao in northern Taiwan (Taipei County includes Taipei City and all of the outlying suburban areas). David Chang is also the chief instructor. The Taipei County Shuai Chiao Association practices at the Taipei Botanical Gardens where Chang Tung Sheng himself taught for many years. The Gardens are a Taipei landmark and provide a pleasant escape from the bustle of Taipei City. Shuai Chiao, Lo Han, Hsing Jing, and qi gong are taught at practice. There is also a Sunday practice at the Min Sheng Community Center (see below).

>>Saturday from 9 -11 A.M. at the Botanical Gardens<<

>>Sunday from 9 - 11 AM at the Min Sheng Community Center<< Indoor with mats for throwing. The location is Min Sheng Community Center, Min Sheng East Rd Sect 5 (at the traffic circle), 10th Floor.

Directions to the Taipei Botanical Gardens (Taipei Jr Wu Yuan):

By car, bicycle, etc.: The Botanical Gardens are a short distance from the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. The main entrance is located on Nan Hai Rd. across from Chien Kuo High School. Proceed through the entrance and stay to the left along the small lotus pond to the left corner. Some parking spaces are usually available just inside the gate if you arrive early enough.

By MRT: Take the MRT to Shau Nan Men station (Shau Nan Men station is on a short branch line that runs back and forth between Xi Men station and Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall station). At Shau Nan Men station follow signs for the Botanical Gardens exit. Proceed up the stairs to the station exit, turn left, and proceed down Buo Ai Rd. to the Botanical Gardens entrance. Stay to the left as the road forks and take the path that crosses the Lotus Pond toward the red building in the rear. At the end of the path turn left and proceed the short distance to the revolving gate. Pass through the revolving gate and continue to bear left.

Or, from the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall MRT station proceed to Exit 2 - Nan Men Market. Exit the station, immediately turn right and backtrack  the short distance to Nan Hai Rd. (you may wish to stop in Nan Men Market, which is right on the corner, for a taste of a traditional Chinese market). Turn left and proceed down Nan Hai Road about 3 or 4 blocks. Chien Kuo High School will be on the left. The entrance to the Botanical Gardens is across the street. Out of town visitors are welcome to attend practice.