Current Events

2006 April

The 15th Annual Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on April 22/23. David Chang will attend the event and teach 3 seminars. Please contact us or John Ervin's Wing Lam Kung Fu School for more information.


A new Taiwan, ROC shuai chiao association is being formed by David Chang and other major shuai chiao figures in Taiwan. The first meeting will be held on April 15 in Taipei city. A standard system of rank and promotion requirements for this association has been established recently by David Chang. More information will be available soon.


2006 January

David Chang is featured in the January/February issue of kung fu tai chi magazine.


2005 December

A shuai chiao tournament was held December 2,3,4 in Milan, Italy. For more information contact Master Antonio Langiano at


2005 August

A shuai chiao tournament was held August 14 -15 in the San Francisco area. For more information see


2005 April

The 14th Annual Great Lakes Shuai Chiao Tournament was held in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, April 23rd.


2004 September

A Taiwan national level shuai chiao tournament was held in Keelung City in northern Taiwan.


2004 August

A shuai chiao tournament was held in Cupertino, California and attended by teams from Cleveland, Texas, New York, and the Central Police University in Taiwan. There was an individual and also a collegiate competition. David Chang attended as head judge and taught a seminar after the competition.


2004 May

The 4th Chang Tung Sheng Shuai Chiao Memorial Tournament was held in Rome, Italy.


2004 April

The Great Lakes Championships was held in Cleveland, Ohio on April 24, 2004. David Chang attended the tournament and taught a number of clinics.


2004 March

August Productions, which is producing a documentary series on Asian Martial Arts Masters for the BBC, visited Taiwan and filmed David Chang at the Central Police University on March 15. Stay tuned for more information on when the series will be aired.


2003 April

A major shuai chiao tournament was held in Cleveland, Ohio on April 26, 2003. The tournament was very successful with a great turnout in the shuai chiao divisions. Both the adult's and children's divisions had over 50 participants. There was also a strong women's division. David Chang made his US debut teaching an excellent seminar on Sunday, April 27. Click here to see photos.


2002 October

A Taiwan national level shuai chiao tournament was held in Taipei City from October 27-30. One shuai group from Italy and one from the United States attended.


2002 July

The Taipei County Shuai Chiao Association in cooperation with the Taipei City Shuai Chiao Association have started a Sunday practice. It is indoor with mats for throwing. The location is Min Sheng Community Center, Min Sheng East Rd Sect 5 (near the traffic circle), 10F.


2002 May

The 4th Chang Tung Sheng Memorial Shuai Chiao Tournament was held in Termoli, Italy on May 4th and 5th. The tournament had participants from Italy, USA, and Taiwan. Many thanks to Masters Antonio Langiano, Lorenzo Faraglia, and Giancarlo Bagnulo, as well as their associates and students for making the tournament and trip in general both enjoyable and successful.


2002 April

On Saturday, April 13 the 11th Annual Great Lakes Kung Fu, Shuai-Chiao, and San Shou USSA National Championships was held at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to a variety of Kung Fu forms, weapons, and sparring, there were also be individual and team shuai chiao and san shou events.


2002 March

On March 30th and 31st a Taiwan national level shuai chiao judge's certification seminar was held in Taipei.